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Cosmosis Web Hosting

I want to share a little about the importance of energetic integrity when you are doing any kind of spiritual work. Please take the time to read this posting carefully.

I wonder if you were a surgeon and you were going to do brain surgery on someone, if you would do so in the street somewhere or if you would make sure that you had a sterile clear environment to perform that work in?

Equally, how many of you would set up a place of spiritual work in the middle of a garbage dump, surrounded by human refuse and excrement?

How about if you were to receive a blood transfusion.... would you want the tube that delivers that blood into your body to be shared with a bunch of other liquids like sewerage, alcohol and crude oil?

If you were to write a spiritual novel..... would you write it on a shared computer which hundreds of other people used for surfing pornography on? Or would you make sure that the environment, including your computer were kept clear and bright through which to convey that spiritual work?

Of course most of you would not do such a thing..... yet most of you do not take the same care with your website hosting.

When you buy a cheap hosting package on a shared server with 5000 other people you place the portal of your online presence in the midst of literally thousands of other people with whom you have absolutely no control over so far as their clarity, purity and ethics. Your online presence is then delivered to those that connect with you through a connection which is shared with thousands of others doing God knows what with their websites. Given that a large percentage of websites are pornography related you see who you are in bed with on a server with these very cheap plans.

These website hosting people are not stupid.... the way they make money is to cram thousands of accounts onto one computer and many of them are pornography and vice related. It is foolish indeed to have your website hosted on such a webserver surrounded by thousands of other websites, streaming your data mixed in with theirs out into the world. Everyone who visits your website is greeted by your energy being beamed at them through the same channel that is also broadcasting pornography and who knows what else. What a wonderful way to create a great first impression! NOT!

There is a reason that churches and temples are closely guarded to ensure that the space is kept clear... a well protected temple, even in the midst of all kinds of negativity still remains a haven for spiritual energy..... and that is because it does not share its space or its connection with the world with negative influences.

Even a shared dedicated server package is one in which you will share your webserver with 10 or more other accounts.... and since most people who have shared dedicated server space are either large businesses or pornography websites then that is you you are sharing your online office space with. Imagine you opened a healing clinic but you had to share your waiting room with several brothels, a methadone clinic and a multi national oil company. You would have no control over who was in your waiting room, what they were doing or when they were doing it. While you were doing healing you would have people a few metres away having carnal sex, destroying other peoples lives to make money, doing drugs, beating each other up etc etc. No matter how much protection you placed around it would still be breeched because you were choosing to share that waiting room and that connection into the world.

Conversely, our Cosmosis Dedicated Server is a State of the Art webserver which we own entirely. The only accounts which we have on our server are websites used for our own spiritual work. The connection from our server into the World Wide Web is maintained as clear and bright as is possible. It is completely contained within a spiritual oasis within cyberspace so that our accounts are able to connect into the cyber world with a very pure spiritual presence so as to create an online portal which is as clear and bright as your intention and the rest of your spiritual environment. This means that whoever visits your website is greeted by a clear stream of energy directly from our both our local Cosmosis Presence and our universal spiritual source, through a dedicated channel which is maintained solely for spiritual work. Your website is then operating out of a clear universal and planetary source.

The fee on the Cosmosis Server for a 500mb account  for one year is $257.50AUD for students on level 2 /3 mentoring packages. Your normal student or mentor discount applies so you may receive more discount.

The location of your web hosting account is just as important as the location of your home or your office, after all it is your online place of work.All websites hosted must be used entirely as a vehicle for your spiritual work.

Our IT expert Campbell Carew is able to develop a high quality website for you using the joomla platform if you wish. This service he provides as part of his spiritual service at a greatly reduced price to our Cosmosis Colleagues.

Please note: You must be a student or a Mentor with the Cosmosis Academy to avail yourself of this offer.