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"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever, in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else, where I was capable of thinking for myself.  Such an addiction is the last degradation of a free and moral agent. If I could not go to heaven but with a party, I would not go there at all." Thomas Jefferson

In recent times there has been a proliferation of people claiming to act as channels for evolved spiritual beings, or they claim to be advanced masters themselves sharing advanced knowledge. We are not such ones. We are simply people whom have made unusual choices over many lifetimes, achieved certain successes because of that, and are now sharing with others what we have experienced and observed. So if you are looking for outrageous claims or a three week course to become an ascended master then you are most certainly in the wrong place. If however you are willing to stretch yourself, and you have outgrown favouring superstition and myth over evidence then indeed you may be in the right place at the right time. WELCOME HOME!

Here at the Cosmosis Mentoring Centre we work as mentors and educators within a wide range of fields of endeavour to facilitate both inner peace and personal - professional success, with special emphasis on self mastery, philosophy, alchemy, metaphysics and ethics

Free TeleclassTo understand what this means we must first define these terms.

Self self/ - A person's essential being that distinguishes them from others, esp. considered as the object of introspection.

Self Mastery - mas·ter·y /mast(ə)rē/ - The conscious control of one's behaviour

Philosophy - phi·los·o·phy/fəˈläsəfē/   - The study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, in other words 'the meaning of life'.

Alchemy - al·che·my/ˈalkəmē/  - The science of the transformation of matter from it's base nature into it's highest potential and most refined state. In other words 'refining one's animal nature and character through mastery of self'.

Metaphysics - met·a·phys·ics/ˌmetəˈfiziks/  -  The branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, cause... i.e. that which is beyond the physical world.

Ethics  - eth·ics  -  Principles that govern a person's or group's behavior within the context of their collective and sustainable wellbeing.

We have no affiliation with any earthly religion, hierarchy, philosophical school, club, lodge or society, on any level (excepting the Vintage Car Club in Perth). This is not about any existing religion or philosophy. We operate independently of any existing faith or group with our own very strict code of ethics.


The Cosmosis™ Mentoring Process



Cosmosis™ is a coaching process for personal growth that enables you to change how you respond to the world.  This personal growth process changes your personal reactions and feelings about the people and situations in your life, and, instead of simply reacting to life, empowers you to consciously choose how you respond. It transforms your old programming and fear-based belief systems. The process has nothing to do with anyone or anything else, it’s just self meeting self time and time again until you get the message that everything in your environment is a reflection of you, and that your life is your creation.

As you change your personal response to the people and situations you have attracted to yourself, your journey through life improves.  It is very easy to measure your change because the people and situations pressing your buttons will suddenly appear to be acting differently, and your buttons won’t get pressed in the same way anymore. This is because the relationship dynamics in your life have been transformed.

Cosmosis™ Coaching Developer Michael King says

"We live in a world of science, technology and reason, wherein magic and spirit are denied. Some of us still know that not everything can be measured and rationalised, and if you are one of those people then welcome home. We are simply here to give you the opportunity to realise and actualise that you are so much more than you have been led to believe!

Cosmosis is a revolutionary tool for lasting personal and spiritual growth. It is not a miracle or a cure-all but rather a process of transmutation that alchemically allows you to clear your unwanted emotional baggage, limiting thinking, dysfunctional patterns, wounded or imbalanced states of being and to replace them with Love, self esteem, confidence, self assurance, compassion and wisdom . This allows you to progress towards embodying your highest potential as a human being, fully in Mastery of your energy, thoughts and emotions so that you no longer react to life like an automaton, but rather consciously respond to life with integrity. This enables you to be who you truly are - your authentic self and to consciously create your life, here and now with a singing

heart. This process takes time, hard work and courage."








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